A security breach of Facebook users leaked phone numbers

Facebook has yet another security issue in recent time. A security researcher has found that the database of more than about 419 million records, which contain phone numbers of Facebook users was leaked. The database was not protected with a password, which was hosted on a server online. According to reports, the unprotected server permitted anyone around the globe to find as well as access the database. The Facebook user has a unique ID, and their phone numbers are linked to it. As well as it contains other information such as user’s name, gender, country, birth date, and others. This latest security breach has put the Facebook company at risk of spam calls and SIM-swapping attacks. Using these leaked phone number, the attacker can reset the Facebook password.

The exposed users included nearly 133 million records related to USA based Facebook users, approximately 18 million from the United Kingdom, and over more than 50 million from Vietnam. Each record of Fb user contains Facebook ID, and the phone number is linked with that account. This unique ID can be easily used to access the user’s account across the globe.

Facebook’s lack of privacy settings to access millions of users’ personal details. The company disabled the feature that allowed users to search by phone numbers or email addresses on Facebook platform.it is spot after malicious action abusing the privacy information. Most of the people on Facebook could get their public profile scraped. Facebook CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg said that possibility of a prison term for his company’s abuses of user data. In 2018, social media, a security breach impacting over 30 million accounts across the globe. This dataset is appearing on platform have remove user’s ability to find each other’s using their phone numbers or mail id. Further the dataset is taken down, and there is no evidence that Facebook accounts compromised.