Antitrust Investigation into Google by 48 US States Attorneys General

antitrust investigation into google by 48 us states attorneys general

The 48 US states Attorneys General are investigating whether Google has violated antitrust laws. The investigation into Google’s “potential monopoly” was announced on Monday by the initiative leader Mr. Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas. Last week’s report regarding the bipartisan probe into Google’s practices was confirmed by the news. Around 50 states Attorneys General are involved in the examination, including the District of Puerto Rico and Columbia. Mr. Paxton at a press conference said that Alabama and California are not included in the investigation. At the media conference, the other Attorneys General highlighted Google’s dominance in the consumer data usage and advertising market.

Ms. Ashley Moody, a Republican and Attorney General of Florida, said that the price increases when there is no competition or the free market. Even if something harms consumers and is marketed as free, the price increases, she also added that if we give up our private information, is it free? If the price of online advertising goes up based on the control of a company, is something free? On Friday, Ms. Letitia James, the New York Attorney General announced an antitrust investigation on Facebook. She will lead the case. The seven states Attorneys General including the District of Columbia are joining in the Facebook investigation. On Monday at a press conference, Mr. Karl Racine, a Democrat and the Attorney General of District of Columbia said that it is still to be seen whether the two investigations will be an expansion coordinately.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google were down by about 0.9% shares at the time of announcement. The state investigation has put additional pressure on the two companies. The companies are facing federal-level antitrust scrutiny already. Facebook confirmed the antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission in July after the agency imposed a $5 billion fine on its privacy measures. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Justice Department on its own would be conducting an antitrust investigation against Google. Nebraska’s Republican Attorney General, Mr. Doug Peterson, said that he is looking forward to work with the US Justice Department and international authorities.