Texas DPS adopted a fitness standard that required waist measurements, even though soldiers filed suit

texas dps adopted a fitness standard that required waist measurements, even though soldiers filed suit

Although state police officers have legally responded to the request to measure waist circumference, the Department of Public Safety Commission gave a green light to the agency’s fitness standards on 17th October 2019. In the unanimous vote, the committee voted to pass these standards and proved that the measurements met the scientific requirements and the latest requirements of the Texas legislature. Chairman Steven P. Mach said: “We are obligated to implement such programs except as required by law.” They believe that the new policy is in line with scientific norms and the latest requirements of the state legislature. The new fitness standards include physical fitness tests and a requirement last year to keep men’s waists at 40 inches and female police officers at 53 inches.

Fitness standards include physical fitness testing and requirements for implementation in 2018. Officials must have a waist circumference of 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women. Last week, the Public Security Officials Association filed a lawsuit against the waist, saying it was “depreciating” and damaging soldiers of different sizes. According to Skylor Hearn, deputy director of DPS, the obesity and health problems addressed by the standard may affect the performance of officials rather than taking care of overweight people.

The Texas DPS Officer Association filed a lawsuit last week on a new waistline claim. The lawsuit alleged that the policy was degraded and damaged soldiers of different sizes. Richard Yankovsky, president of the DPS Officers Association, said he was very disappointed with the observation department’s implementation of new fitness standards. He said that he disagreed with the proposed scientific norms or kept the police officers healthy. However, he is worried that the restrictions on the waist will force some officers to face dismissal.