Kamala Harris presented ‘Medicare for All’ plan that includes private insurers

kamala harris presented ‘medicare for all’ plan that includes private insurers

Sen Kamala Harris has presented a healthcare plan to achieve universal health coverage. Kamala Harris is a Democratic presidential candidate. Harris has offered this plan to gradually move each American resident into Medicare for All program in the next ten years. Also, this plan will allow private insurers to present competitive plans. Besides, Harris has not revealed any details about the overall process and its finance. However, Harris promised that this plan would not raise the tax burden on middle-class families. After the statement of Harris, the Biden campaign came out. This campaign claims that this proposal will increase the tax burden of the middle class.

In addition, another campaign – Sander’s campaign says that this plan should not be called as Medicare for All. Medicare is famous, and it is working. Daily many aged individuals change their plant into it. Harris mentioned, Let’s expand this plan to all Americans. Also, provide them access to complete healthcare. This plan is positioned around Medicare privatization, high profit-making for the Medicare system, making rich to insurance executives. However, Harris claims that her plan will provide more benefits than current. This plan includes many health benefits that are not included in the current Medicare plan.

The current Medicare program offers a health insurance plan to American individuals having age 65 and above. However, Medicare for All plan is expected to cover other important healthcare services such as visits to the doctor and many treatments such as dental, vision, hearing aids, and complete reproductive health care services. The individuals will be allowed to buy Medicare plan on an immediate basis. Also, the rest parts of the plan will be added over the next ten years. According to Harris, the larger conversion period will help to lower down the overall plan cost. The private insurance providers are included in the plan, but they must follow cost and benefits requirements.