Netflix Has A New Rival, And It’s Offering The Services Free Of Cost

Netflix Has A New Rival, And It's Offering The Services Free Of Cost

When it comes to movie streaming market, Netflix is the tech company that is ruling it. The last few years have been great for the movie streaming industry because the number of people who watch movies on TV and smartphones has increased significantly. Plex has launched a new on-demand movie service in which they are offering free of cost movies and TV series to users. Plex has decided to adopt different strategies into this niche to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney. Plex has a vast number of collections of Hollywood movies, TV shows, Bollywood films, and musicals, which can attract various regions audience.

People are paying to get the subscription of Prime, Netflix to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. However, Plex has decided to use its library of film collection to attract users. Netflix and Amazon prime attracted many users, and that’s why many new companies have also started to enter into this new market. Disney+ and Apple TV are already launching their own TV series and movies after seeing a substantial lucrative opportunity there.

Plex is offering these movies and Tv series for free of cost. However, the movie streaming platform will earn its revenue by showing ads to users. If any user doesn’t want to see any ads, then they can opt for a premium subscription. By paying membership fees, users can get more additional features that are not available on the regular platform of Plex. Anyone who wants to watch movies and Tv series for free and doesn’t want to spend any of their money can use Plex app. Netflix, Amazon, Disney are fighting to create more valuable content, but there some platforms like Plex, which are opting for different strategies than these key players.