Measles Wipes Out The Memory of Other diseases From The Immune System

Measles Wipes Out The Memory of Other diseases From The Immune System

New research has suggested that the measles virus drastically damages the immune system by causing immune system amnesia. The scientists have found that disease wipes out the memory of previous illnesses in the immune system, makes it more like a baby state. It also leaves the body less efficient to fight off new infections. There has been a 70 percent decline in antibodies to other diseases after unvaccinated children developed measles. After being infected by measles, the immune system amnesia no longer recognizes disease that it has fought off in the past. It can make measles survivor susceptible to dreaded illnesses like Flu and Pneumonia. The research has been conducted on a group of unvaccinated children in the Netherlands.

The new study has found out that the illness has eliminated 11 percent to 73 percent of protective antibodies in children. Some of the children lost around 33 percent of disease-specific antibodies after being diagnosed with mild measles. The Children, who have not been given measles shots, lost a median of 40 percent of existing disease-specific antibodies due to severe measles. Around 20 percent of children lost half of their protective antibodies to most pathogens. Some children lost 70 percent of their antibodies. The finding of the research has created a panic among health officials. The study shows that measles has a prolonged effect on host resistance, which can last for two or three years. It can also increase the number of non-measles death.

Measles is highly infectious and can be multiplied with the virus coughs, exhales, and sneezes. The virus infects through the respiratory tract and penetrates through immune cells that sit at the interface of the bloodstream and lungs. Measles affects around 7 million people every year across the globe. It causes more than 100,000 deaths around the world. A decline in the rate of vaccination has led to a 300 percent increase in measles infection since 2018. The United Kingdom has been demoted from its measles free status recently due to a fall in mumps, measles, and rubella immunization.

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