Escaping Freedom Struggle in Hong Kong for Democracy

A newspaper has become the symbol of the escaping freedom struggle in Hong Kong is the Apple Daily most popular pro-democracy newspaper whose writing was taken on Monday by a police operation acting under the new National Security Law imposed from Beijing.

Which threatens to put an end to the rights regime that prevails in the territory newspaper hit newsstands on Tuesday like any other day. But this time it had on the front page a photograph of the arrest of its founder.

The well-known businessman Jimmy Lai who was released on bail last night after being accused of conspiracy with foreign forces, expression of seditious words and fraud, He is the most influential person arrested under the new law We will fight to the end editorial headlined on the cover.

On the streets, citizens have come out in defense of press freedom with a helpful gesture: scratching their pockets. If the Apple Daily circulation is usually 70,000 copies, this Tuesday 550,000 were printed and all were sold.

In several kiosks some customers have acquired all the copies and have left them in a pile, along with the receipt that proves the purchase, so that passers-by could take one for free.

The official Chinese tabloid Global Times for its part, has branded Jimmy Lai and Agnes Chow as secessionist leaders who conspired with foreign forces to get the city sanctioned.

Meanwhile, the publisher of the Apple Daily Next Digital continued its vertiginous rise on the stock market on Tuesday for the second day in a row, after pro-democracy associations called on their members to buy shares as a sign of support.

If on Monday it registered a growth of 183% reaching maximum levels of 350%, this Tuesday closed the day with a rise of 331%. The value of their shares has multiplied by 14.

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