Apple Hong Kong Branch To Be Shifted in Victor

Their shares are now trading at 1.1 Hong Kong dollars per unit (0.12 euros) compared to the 0.08 dollars they were worth before the arrests the firm issued a statement on Monday in which it described.

This Tuesday’s operation illustrates the progressive loss of autonomy of an open, modern and free territory. Its diverse media landscape is a true reflection of its uniqueness.

In the points of sale you can find from international newspapers censored in mainland China such as the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal to the Epoch Times of Falun Gong, a pseudo-religious movement persecuted by Beijing and if the newspapers owned by the Kuomintang, the Nationalist Party defeated in the civil war by Mao Zedong’s communist hosts, disappeared, it was only because of its poor commercial results.

The two best-selling newspapers at present are the Apple Daily and the ProchinoOriental Daily News . Between the two stands out the prestigious South China Morning Post , acquired in 2015 by the technology giant Alibaba with the aim of “escaping from unilateral, western or eastern perspectives.”

Freedom of the press, recognized in article 27 of the Basic Law governing the territory, has been scrupulously respected since the return of sovereignty in 1997.

However, something changed in October 2018 when Victor Mallet, editor of the British newspaper Financial Times , was unable to continue working in Hong Kong as his visa was not renewed without explanation.

The decision came after the journalist participated in an event as vice president of the Correspondents Club in which he interviewed pro-independence politician Andy Chan Ho-tin, founder of the outlawed Hong Kong National Party.

In July this year the New York Times chose to move part of its regional headquarters in Asia to Seoul, alluding to increasing government restrictions in the former British colony.

The new National Security Law, promoted from Beijing, threatens to end press freedom and other rights, according to pro-democracy activists and other international groups. Until that happens, the Apple Daily staff will stick with it to keep informing their readers.

Vil Joe

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