Kgb Belarusian Intelligence Service Prisons Start From June

Kolesnikova is one of the promoters of the coordinating council of the persecuted opposition which seeks a dialogue with the authorities And next to the most visible heads of that committee among which is the Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich.

You are facing criminal proceedings Lukashenko accuses them of wanting to seize power Now together with VĂ­ktor Babarikos team prosecuted for fraud and in a KGB Belarusian intelligence services prison since June he is creating a political party.

Vmeste Together in a country that has not registered new formations in two decades The announcement which has already triggered some friction with may open.

Small crack in the hitherto united opposition although both Kolesnikova and her team insist that they all pursue the same goal clean elections this time clean and the release of political prisoners

Walking through the streets of Minsk with the opponent is to stop almost at every step Many congratulate her Some cars honk to greet her and Kolesnikova.

Who stops to speak to almost everyone responds by forming a heart with both hands the symbol she adopted during the campaign and which is now on posters mobile screensavers or stickers her artistic background has had a great weight in electoral events.

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