To Reduce The Risk Of Dementia, You Should Be Exercising And Eat Healthy Food

Many people might not want to see their memory fading away because of problems like dementia or Alzheimer. The most common type of disease which can be found in older people is dementia because as we get older, our brain gets narrower. Accordingly, more than 50 million are suffering from the problem of Alzheimer and each year, 10 million gets this dangerous disease. There is scientific medicine for curing problems like this one but a patient of dementia needs to take lots of vitamin pills.

However, a new health study done by researchers has found that a person needs to do exercise and eat healthy foods not to get diagnosed with Alzheimer or dementia. Many health organization who are studying on this topic says that this disease is easily preventable, but the majority of the people failed at such a thing. It’s been estimated that by the end of 2030 the cost of taking care of people with dementia is going to be more than $2 trillion.

Now if we look at this thing, then it’s not right, but the one thing which many people forget is to follow the precautions. Instead of taking a massive amount of vitamin pills, you can easily take of care of your body by regularly exercising and avoiding all types of junk foods. One of the key researchers here have said that since dementia is not curable, one can avoid such diseases by doing exercise. Health experts think people who have high blood pressure shall need to be more cautious of their body, and hence they need to follow a Mediterranean diet which is going to keep their body full of vitamins. Since one shall not expect that by doing exercise and eating healthy food it can cure dementia, but it surely prevents it.

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