Walmart Is Offering Free Next Day Delivery Without Membership Fees

The e-commerce industry is getting quite competitive every day, and there are only two companies which are trying to win this war and that’s Amazon and Walmart. Walmart recently launched a free next day delivery in which the company is offering its buyers a free one-day delivery if they purchase a product of more than $35. One of the best things about this offering is that you can acquire any goods from Walmart store and still can claim the free delivery service without paying anything for being a member. Walmart chief officer is quite happy about this new scheme because he thinks this can change the way people buy things from Walmart because no one can purchase products like a diaper, plates, dog food, etc, without thinking about delivery charges.

Walmart is trying to beat Amazon in this sector because Amazon is already giving free delivery services with its carrier network. Currently, this scheme has been launched in Phoenix and Las Vegas, but executives are confident that it will roll out to many parts in the USA by the end of this year. Recently Amazon launched a new scheme of paying $10000 to its employees who will be building a delivery business. Now Walmart which is a retail giant company has more than one million employees working for it and now to gain more reputation and customers base they have decided to give out free delivery of goods service.

While talking about the extra cost which Walmart is going to have to bear the executive said that the company is going to save more with this program. The one-day delivery is going to happen from nearest sell point of Walmart so it will cost less time and money for the company. The whole free one-day delivery program is going to take more than six months to get successfully implemented.

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